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Lost Verse 3

by YESConnie

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Installment #3


Wake up smell the coffee
Or stay sleep in your coffin
The world changing so often
The masses shoot no Boston
And my God is so awesome
No matter what you call ‘em
My precious lord no Golam
I’m Batman to your Gotham
Did one year up in college
Then came home and got knowledge
I know the ledge, hold your head
Stay away from those impalas
That’s death before dishonor
Don’t judge me, your honor
I’m a pass with flying colors
Yeah I study til the sun up

Pearly gates wide open
Not for all, just for the chosen
Time is of the essence
No more time for that slow motion
Cross that bridge before corrosion
The last call then we closing
Time to wake up smell the roses
“Life is good 13” the slogan
Music is my love
This right here is just a token
And and everything’s connected
But in nature there’s no modem
No Chole, no Odom
There’s just you in this here moment
And your thoughts are interwoven
With the greater conscious ocean

I’m not what you’re use to
Therefore I’m different
Download for free
But you gotta pay attention
I’m not what you’re use to
Therefore I’m different
Download for free
But you gotta pay attention
Me, I’m on a sojourn
I been here but I returned
Working on my patience
Letting go of frustrations
I’m more than amazing
You can hear it in my cadence
I’m Gen Y Millennial, it’s my generation


released 19 December 2014
Prod. By Reazy Renegade
Engineering By Y1 Ent.




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Great Mid-To-Up-Tempo Songs with engaging, current-sounding beats, highly creative themes, solid hooks and positive lyrics.

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